The Daily News

Daily News

The Daily News is an American tabloid newspaper based in Jersey City, New Jersey. Its history can be traced back to 1919, when Joseph Medill Patterson founded the paper as the Illustrated Daily News. This paper was one of the first U.S. daily papers to be published in a tabloid format, reaching a peak circulation of 2.4 million copies a day.

Historical context

In the Historical Context of the Daily News, authors Suskind and Richardson use stories from centuries past to explain current events and provide context for readers. They believe that historians and journalists should collaborate and communicate. However, they note that news stories using historians’ work can damage trust between academics and journalists and make scholars less willing to work with them. In addition, historians have said that it can be difficult to respond to reporters’ requests on time.


The Daily News is an American newspaper that features major city news, entertainment and sports. Besides the news and sports sections, the Daily News includes many other features, including opinion articles and classified ads. Its multimedia features include large photographs and prominent news stories. Users can download editions for offline reading and share stories through email.


Editors of the Daily News have become willing victims of the Bloomberg/Klein deception. Despite many warnings by testing experts that standards had been lowered, they remained complacent and published misleading stories about New York State test scores. In fact, only two of the seven regional dailies run by News Corp are edited by women.

Pulitzer Prizes

The Pulitzer Prizes for Daily News often go to venerable institutions, but they can go to a local paper, too. One recent winner of a Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing came from the Palestine Herald-Press in Texas. Its editor, Jeffery Gerritt, wrote a series of columns documenting the deaths of pre-trial inmates due to the lack of adequate medical care.

Online editions

The Daily News Online is one of the most comprehensive news sites on the internet today. Produced by the editorial staff of The Daily News, an award-winning newspaper in Genesee, Wyoming, and Orleans counties, it’s one of the most popular resources for information on the Genesee region. The website features daily articles, photos, advertisements, and even a crossword puzzle. It’s the most convenient way to read the newspaper, and offers readers a variety of interactive features.


The Daily News price will increase from $1 to $2 next Sunday. Tronc, the company that owns the paper, said it has cut half of its newsroom staff. The price isn’t locked into future purchases. Its circulation was 164,472 in the first quarter.