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The New York Daily News is a morning daily tabloid newspaper published in New York City. It was originally known as the Illustrated Daily News and was the first successful American tabloid in the modern era. It became famous for its sensational crime coverage, cartoons, and lurid photographs. The paper’s circulation reached a peak in 1947 at 2.4 million copies per day.

The Daily News has been an important part of New York City’s journalism culture for almost a century. A landmark building, the Daily News Building, was designed by John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood. In the mid 1970s, the Daily News’ circulation began to drop. The paper was not as profitable as it once was, and eventually shut down in Lower Manhattan. Despite its problems, the newspaper continues to provide strong local news coverage.

The Daily News was named for its ability to deliver the city’s news. It also was the first tabloid to break the 1 million circulation mark in the United States. At the height of its success, the Daily News had local bureaus in Brooklyn and Queens. By the late ’60s, the paper’s circulation was approaching 2 million. Its success gave the city and its people a voice.

The Daily News has won several awards for its reporting, commentary, and other writing. It has also won a Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. Its interactive edition allows readers to share stories with their friends. This includes a mobile app, which provides readers with the latest digital tools and enhancements. Users can swipe between pages, share their favorite articles through email, and download editions for offline reading.

The Daily News’ interactive edition is the most convenient way to read the news. It provides a full digital replica of the print newspaper. It also features a number of other interactive features to enhance the reader’s experience. It is available on both desktop and mobile devices, and can be accessed online or downloaded for offline reading. It is an easy way to stay up to date with the latest headlines and story highlights. The newspaper’s website has a section on the news, which provides information about current events and features a section on the sports and entertainment scene.

The Daily News was also one of the first newspapers in the country to use Associated Press wirephotos in the 1930s. A photo of the execution of a young man, captioned “DEAD!”, was taken by a reporter who strapped a camera to his leg. It was also a model for the tabloid’s most prominent image.

The Daily News’ most significant achievement has been its commitment to covering New York. For more than a century, it has been a vital source of information for the five boroughs. Its mission has not changed: to keep readers informed about the city’s culture, news, politics, and lifestyle. As of 2017, the Daily News is owned by Tribune Publishing, an Illinois-based media conglomerate. The company is controlled by Alden Global Capital, which owns nearly a third of the publicly traded shares.