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Daily News is a free news site that delivers news and information on a variety of topics. You can find everything from world news, sports and politics to the latest technology and entertainment headlines. You can also search for local news stories and stay up to date on the events of the day, from wherever you are!

Get the news that matters to you.

The smart news app that keeps you up to date on the most important stories of the day, tailored to your interests. Customise your news briefing with stories from the outlets you trust, and dive deep on every story with the Full coverage feature.

Keep up with breaking news around the world and your community*. The For You tab helps you discover the latest on your interests, with a curated mix of headlines and local news to keep you informed.

Read the most important news from major publishers*. With a huge range of newspapers and magazines, including The Economist, FT, Bloomberg and more, you’ll always be up-to-date on the news that matters to you.

Watch the best live videos and newscasts on the go*. Whether you’re looking for the latest political news or want to follow what a local sports team is up to, our livestreams are perfect for you. We’ll update you on the events of the day with live video from around the globe, so you can stay informed from anywhere.

Get the latest local news from the top news outlets for your area, including the Chicago Defender, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Associated Press and more!

You can also read the latest local news on your computer or mobile device*. The app is compatible with most devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.

Search for a topic, name or subject to narrow down your results and see if there are any articles from a specific date*. You can also use the advanced search to search for articles containing particular keywords, dates or titles*.

Anchorage Daily News Collection – 1985 to Present*. This database contains full text articles from the Anchorage Daily News spanning from 1985-present. This includes the period of time when it was called the Alaska Dispatch News (2014-2017). These articles are text only and do not include photos, advertisements or special features. As of October 2018, scanned images of the Anchorage Daily News are available in this database as well.

The Library of Congress Chronicling America website contains digital scans of historic newspapers from 1777-1963, including several Alaskan publications. The newspaper collection in the Library of Congress Chronicling America website can be used to access articles from a variety of sources from the past and present, as well as the archives for many major newspapers.

Browse the General News on the Internet Web Archive*. This online archive contains general news sites from around the world that focus on a wide variety of topics of national interest for readers at all levels.