The Daily News Will Close Its Newsroom

Daily News

In its 20th-century heyday, the Daily News was a brawny metro tabloid that dug into crime and corruption. It served as the model for The Daily Planet of the Superman movies and earned several Pulitzer Prizes for commentary, feature writing, and international reporting. Today the newspaper is struggling to hold onto readers in a changing media landscape. The Daily News’s recent announcement that it was closing its newsroom, announcing that staff would have to relocate elsewhere in Manhattan and even that the building itself may be sold, has stirred up a lot of emotion.

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During its long run as the nation’s highest-circulation newspaper, the Daily News published many groundbreaking stories and scandals, including its notorious “Ford to City: Drop Dead” headline in 1975. Its reporters and editors covered the AIDS epidemic, the crack cocaine crisis, and the murder of police officer Rafael Córdova, among other major events in New York’s history.

The Daily News also paved the way for tabloid journalism in the United States by publishing its first story with the tabloid format. Its founder, Joseph Medill Patterson, was the first journalist in the country to take advantage of the new, shorter format, allowing the newspaper to cover more news in less space. The paper’s first tabloid issue, dated June 22, 1919, was called simply the “Daily News” and featured the story of the murder of police officer Rafael Córdova.

The News was the first major newspaper to publish in tabloid format, and it remains one of America’s best-known newspapers. Its headquarters at 450 West 33rd Street (now known as Manhattan West) in downtown New York City were designed by architects John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood. The building is an official city landmark and was the model for the Daily Planet building in the first two Superman films.

In addition to its daily news articles, the Daily News has a number of popular weekly features. These include “The Sunday Daily News” and “The Weekend Daily News.” The former was a tabloid version of the main news page, while the latter was a short, tabloid-style summary of weekend events.

Despite the challenges of digital transformation, there are still plenty of opportunities for the Daily News to continue to deliver on its mission to be “New York’s hometown paper.” However, it will take support from its readers to do so. We recommend supporting the work of your favorite local news organizations by donating to their fundraising drives and giving today through NewsMatch! This is an annual campaign that matches donations to eligible nonprofit news organizations.