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The Daily News is an American tabloid newspaper published in New York City. The paper covers national and local news, primarily in the metropolitan area of New York, but also reaches beyond. It is a member of the Tribune Publishing family of newspapers, and shares its headquarters with the Chicago Tribune. The paper is currently owned by cost-slashing hedge fund Alden Global Capital.

The newspaper has a long and varied history. During the 1920s, it was one of the most widely circulated newspapers in the United States. It leaned to the conservative side and emphasized political wrongdoing, social intrigue (such as the romance between Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII that led to their abdication), and sports. The paper was an early adopter of the Associated Press wirephoto service, and its photos were often used to illustrate political stories.

By the 1980s, the Daily News had shifted its editorial stance from conservative populism to a more centrist position. The paper grew rapidly in circulation and became the largest daily newspaper in the world. It was also a major competitor to the rival New York Post, and its headlines frequently used sensationalistic and even lurid language in its battle for readership.

In recent years, the newspaper has experienced financial problems and reduced its staff size. However, it has continued to maintain its reputation as an important source of information about the city and its people. The paper is also known for its high level of investigative journalism.

As of 2022, the Daily News is the largest newspaper in the state of New York and is a leading source of information on politics, crime, and culture. The paper’s website is updated throughout the day with national and local news, as well as New York-exclusives, politics, and the latest gossip and entertainment. The Daily News’ award-winning writers and columnists regularly appear on television, radio and in book form.

The Yale Daily News is the oldest college newspaper in the United States, and it is published every weekday during the academic year. The News is not affiliated with any student organization, but its many alumni have gone on to careers in journalism and public life. Anyone is welcome to submit a guest column, although it is strongly preferred that submissions come from members of the Yale-New Haven community. The News reserves the right to edit all submissions, and will contact authors if significant changes are needed.

The obituary for local news might read all too bleakly, but Andrew Conte’s Death of the Daily News is a brilliant and timely study of the effects of the loss of the newspaper that served McKeesport, Pennsylvania—and other communities like it. The book is supremely well-written, cleverly organized around the stages of grief, and genuinely hopeful. In its pages, we see citizens struggling to make sense of their own communities, separating facts from gossip, and finding their own way forward. This is the era of the citizen journalist.